Personal Training

Personal training

Personal Training

A personal trainer helps you determine, set and achieve your individual goals- whether its building muscle, losing weight or just trying to live a healthier life. Our trainers create a program specifically for you and your needs. Personal trainers provide support and advice on issues such as fitness, nutrition, and over all personal wellness.  We are here to give you the tools to make lasting changes in your life. To schedule a personal training session contact:


Green Fitness Studio offers private Pilates session on our Reformer. At first glance, a Reformer might be confused for a torture device, but is actually a great tool that can help to strengthen and tone your body. If you love mat Pilates and are ready to take the leap onto the Reformer or just want to try something a little different, this might be the thing for you! To learn more or schedule a session contact:


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8-Pack: $520
• 7 Personal Training Sessions
• One ½ Hour Massage
• One ½ Hour Nutrition Consultation

12-Pack: $720
• 10 Personal Training Sessions
• One 1 Hour Massage
• Two ½ Hour Nutrition Consultations

24-Pack: $1530
• 21 Personal Training Sessions
• Two 1 Hour Massages
• Two ½ Hour Nutrition Consultations

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Benny Lebron

I was born and raised in Brooklyn and fitness has always been a part of my life. Whether it was football or softball I always kept my feet moving. My favorite activity while growing up was swimming and in high school I joined the swimming team.

My passion is to help others achieve their fitness goals while still having fun doing it. As instructor I love to push and motivate our members but never by yelling at them. One of my favorite quotes is "decide, commit, succeed."

My name is Jahar Vann and I am your new personal trainer. A big misconception about myself and other personal trainers is that we’re perfect or that results come easy because we’ve always been “fit”—the truth couldn’t be more different for me. I went from being a basketball athlete in the best shape of my life to an obese diabetic. After tearing two ligaments in my knee I stopped taking care of myself. I ate whatever I wanted and however much I wanted; I partied and had no regards for the damage I was inflicting until it almost became too late. A health scare finally lit the fire that told me, “enough is enough.”

I reclaimed my health the right way and I can help you do it too. The athlete in me knows there is no such thing as a quick fix so you will never hear me tell you that change will be easy. But, what you will hear me say, is that I’ve got a personalized plan for you and the professional knowledge to get you to where you want to go in an step-by-step process. Remember I was there too right where so many of you are, but I am living proof it is possible.

Book a session with me and see the difference in how I train, in how I motivate and how I coach. I look forward to enabling your journey to a better life and sharing my “Fitness Made Personal” philosophy with you.

ISSA Ceritified Personal Trainer

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